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Pump Gas – Mansoon (FLU059)


Maurizio Santi (Gonnosfanadiga, Italy)
Maurizio Santi /Dee Jay Santi / Promotionalrecord, Radio Mela / Modena Radio City / Radio Mela
Release    Pump Gas / Mansoon
Favorite Mix    Original
Rating    6
Will you chart it?    Yes
DJ Quote/Comment    It’s okay, I will look to play it soon.

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Drilla – Promise (FLU058)

Drilla is Polish dj, singer and producer.When she was 16 she started play at parties. She is now producing her own songs that really can do magic on a dance floor full of happy clubbers.She has been taking good care of her angelic voice that gets people to stop up, just to listen to this sweet girl that has become a grown up women. This voice is used in her own produced songs. (mehr …)

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ADE 2015 Sampler

Various Artists
ADE 2015 Sampler
Freaks Like Us Entertainment
Date: 19.10.2015 (mehr …)

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Bass In Your Face, Vol. 2

Total Harmonic Distortion – Fractal Panzer & Sirkris – Daleko (P.C.I Remix)
just completed the track listing for a new compilation.
Bass In Your Face delivers some massive Electro and Dubstep tracks! Be careful as this will hit your speakers hard – of course with Tracks from us! (mehr …)

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ElectroCut – Ey (FLU057)

ElectroCut’s „EY“ Track comes out with a catchy bassline and several elements of electronic bassmusic. We know that you will love that, to catch some young buttocks on the dancefloor – believe us (mehr …)

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Muhhans – Fortune Knight (FLU056)

Avery Usita (Ramstein, Germany)
Avery Usita / Avery Usita, The Rhythm 105.9
Release    Muhhans / Fortune Knight
Favorite Mix    Original
Rating    8
Will you chart it?    Maybe
DJ Quote/Comment    Great track. Thanks!

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Pump Gas – Rave to Sky (FLU054)

Weiter gehts mit unserer neuesten Errungenschaft. Diesmal gehen wir in den nahen Osten, nach Israel, denn auch dort wird gerockt und gefeiert.
Die Jungs von Pump Gas liefern mit ihrer Debütsingle „Rave to Sky“ einen 2 Tracker Release ab, welcher es wahrlich in sich hat. Die DJ Feedbacks spiegeln es wieder…aber lies selbst!

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Kid Bass & Beli – Drop That Bitch (FLU055)

Hier kommt unser „Fidget (P)resident“ Kid Bass mit seiner neuen, geplanten Single „Drop that Bitch“.
Dieses mal hat er sich Beli aus Polen dazugeholt. Wir sagen: „Kid Bass & Beli are real Bitches of Fidget(mehr …)

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