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025 Lars Schneemann & Calvertron

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29 Juni 2010 latest NEWS Read more

Radio Jack & SL Curtiz – Kid Yourself [FLU017]

Hailing from Germany via China comes „Kid Yourself“, the latest bass heavy peaktime banger
from the SL Curtiz & Radio Jack collaboration. This tune is set to destroy clubs around the
globe…these guys are on fire!! (mehr …)

27 April 2010 latest Releases Read more

Disconerd & Rafael Silesia – Break it down [FLU011]

Woohoo yeah – Disconerd & Rafael Silesia break you down!
Their first common track begins cool and easygoing…
But with the break rises a ravy monster that has already shaked several clubs. Remixes by „head of the gang“ Lars Schneemann and Ike Dusk, supplement the release on the one with a glitchy attitude, on the other it is getting even harder. (mehr …)

27 Oktober 2009 latest Releases Read more

A.G.Trio – Replay [FLU010]

„Replay“ is the most catchy tune in the world which has fallen into a deep pot of sarcasm and then was strangled with bassdrums until it was the perfect dance track. Without a doubt. The first summer-hit in the world that has to be released in october for reasons of safety.
The three Austrian Electro-House wizards from A.G.Trio present their next Pop/Electro hybrid. After some months of remixing and numerous live-performances they bring in a lot of dancefloor spirit combined with their trademark vocals.
The remixes are … fantastic. ULTRNX as well as Eriq Johnson show how to treat a track with razor blades (ULTRNX) and soap (Eriq Johnson) to change it´s wrap but not the character. Classic. (mehr …)

17 September 2009 latest Releases Read more

Figure – House on the Hill EP [FLU008]

House on the Hill is a track to turn the dance floor into a Haunted House. With bent out of tune chords,creaking drums,and witching vocal stabs…this song becomes a ode to all things Halloween.

12 August 2009 latest Releases Read more

The Passive Resistance – Stop look & loot EP [FLU003]

Stop Look Listen.
FUUUUUNNNNNKKKKYYYYYY as hell, is what we have to say to this tune. Just when you thought you knew what to expect from The Passive Resistance they turned it all around and proved you wrong. This tune is one for dance floors of all kinds. Its bouncy, tought, elegant and refined without being sterile. This is one of the strongest tunes we have heard in a long time. Bound to devastate any dancefloors it is played on . After a few minutes drops the amazing vocal from TPR member Timchen S „its not your choice you have to taste me“ hmmm, in this case it is. we want more. A taste is not enough. Dont sleep on this one. Big tune for big djs. Are you too small ? ???

20 April 2009 latest Releases Read more

A.G.Trio – Things you wanna play [FLU002]

“Things You Wanna Play” from Austria´s A.G.Trio is a catchy Electro-House track. The pumpin´ beat and ironic lyrics are typical elements for the musicof the three producers and DJ’s. Their sound often arises from their live performances and in this way remains as energetic as a live act whenproduced in the studio. The included Dirty Disco Youth remix turns the track into an aggressive dance floor monster with electro-attitude. (mehr …)

4 April 2009 latest Releases Read more

Top Flop feat. MC Illy – Damage Good EP [FLU001]

Damage Dance: Straight from Philladelphia comes Illy Mc. A man who to many needs no introducing. Illy has graced the tunes of many genres. From hip hop to drum and bass, back round to electro. Grubby basslines and rump bumping beats lead up to the seminal “back in the day” break down. The riff could be from some oldschool rave anthem. Illys voice calls out “riot, riot” and i think thats just about what everyone will do when this part comes! Millitant, unconditioned, rude and in your face are all terms one could use to discribe this tune. If you like Enya you will hate this!

16 März 2009 latest Releases Read more

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