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Black Bulls

Black Bulls

Label: Freaks Like Us Entertainment

Release date: 2015-06-26

Catalog number: FLU053

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Black Bulls (Original Mix)

Sawcheek’s new track „Black Bulls“ well, at this track he wanted to try new things and not the same and structure that always used, he added „Trap“, which is also his first time to do it, and also the main lead of the melody the bass is the same as an old track that soon he will post called „Nightmare“, he is not an expert using vst compression, mastering, equalization and everything else, he is very noob more on that in the Lead the drop use „reverb 2, Maximus, Soundgoodizer Parametric EQ 2, Sidechain and Limiter „and clearly lead to a wave“ Sawtooth „classic lead the big room electro house etc .. well, the name“ Black Bulls „came to his Comic mind for so-called „Black clover“ where a boy wizard was selected to go to an „Order of magicians“ called „Black bulls“ and well, the track is also partly why.