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Label: Freaks Like Us Entertainment

Release date: 2012-01-27

Catalog number: FLU036

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Daleko (Original Mix)
Daleko (P.C.I Remix)
P.C.I, Sirkris
Daleko (Leute Gibts Remix)
Sirkris, Leute Gibts
Daleko (LAD Soundsystem Remix)
Sirkris, LAD Soundsystem

The Refrain is like a bit of the „Super Trouper“ Hit from ABBA or?NO! It is „DALEKO“ from sirKris – a DJ and Producer from croatia. Cut!And this is not the future – no thats right here and right now.“DALEKO“ wrecked the clubs GIRLS make some funny things like wet shirts contestsBOYS move her body very strangethe CROWD will freak out…and all because of BASS, DRUMS and RAVESYNTHS