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Purple And Green The Freaks World

Label: Freaks Like Us Entertainment

Release date: 2010-03-05

Catalog number: FLUPG003

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The Freaks World Mix (Continuous DJ Mix)
Fidget Freak
Drag Off (Eater Remix)
Eater, Elektropusher
Nasty Cat (Original Mix)
Break It Down (Fidget Freak Remix)
Disconerd, Rafael Silesia, Fidget Freak
Music, Dance, WOW (Original Mix)
Metal Monsters (Original Mix)
Twisted Groove
Suck On Dick (Fidget Freak Remix)
Bifid, Fidget Freak
Front Fangs (Original Mix)
Water Doped (Original Mix)
Rickie Snice
Festival (Beatpunks Remix)
Lars Schneemann, Beatpunks
Kid Yourself (Original Mix)
SL Curtiz, Radio Jack
Upn Down (Original Mix)
Blood Code (Original Mix)
Coin Operated Boy
Freak Funk (Original Mix)

Spawned in the bowels of the Freaks World. In 2010, Freaks Like Us explode into the Nu Rave and Indie Dance scene with their third Purple and Green Edition. The music of the Purple and Green Editions appeals to Nu Rave fans and Electro fans alike.