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Pump Gas – Rave to Sky (FLU054)

Weiter gehts mit unserer neuesten Errungenschaft. Diesmal gehen wir in den nahen Osten, nach Israel, denn auch dort wird gerockt und gefeiert.
Die Jungs von Pump Gas liefern mit ihrer Debütsingle „Rave to Sky“ einen 2 Tracker Release ab, welcher es wahrlich in sich hat. Die DJ Feedbacks spiegeln es wieder…aber lies selbst!

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Datapanic & Rotze – Stormbringer auf neuer Compilation

Cat#    SC0083
Release date    10/7/2015
Label:    Select Case

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Top Flop feat. MC Illy – Damage Good EP [FLU001]

Damage Dance: Straight from Philladelphia comes Illy Mc. A man who to many needs no introducing. Illy has graced the tunes of many genres. From hip hop to drum and bass, back round to electro. Grubby basslines and rump bumping beats lead up to the seminal “back in the day” break down. The riff could be from some oldschool rave anthem. Illys voice calls out “riot, riot” and i think thats just about what everyone will do when this part comes! Millitant, unconditioned, rude and in your face are all terms one could use to discribe this tune. If you like Enya you will hate this!

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