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The Passive Resistance – Stop look & loot EP [FLU003]

Stop Look Listen.
FUUUUUNNNNNKKKKYYYYYY as hell, is what we have to say to this tune. Just when you thought you knew what to expect from The Passive Resistance they turned it all around and proved you wrong. This tune is one for dance floors of all kinds. Its bouncy, tought, elegant and refined without being sterile. This is one of the strongest tunes we have heard in a long time. Bound to devastate any dancefloors it is played on . After a few minutes drops the amazing vocal from TPR member Timchen S „its not your choice you have to taste me“ hmmm, in this case it is. we want more. A taste is not enough. Dont sleep on this one. Big tune for big djs. Are you too small ? ???

There are not many tunes that do what they say on the tin. But with raid you can be sure that you get what you buy! Raid starts off with what sounds like the audible re-creation of the downfall of mankind. Building up to a drop that will either make you run in fear or loose you fucking mind. Bashing beats with a real feel to them carry this bad ass tune all the way home to where you want to be in a club. This is not minimal this is maximal!!!

All Tracks Written and produced by Jonas Ullmann.
Vocals by Tim Steiner

Released by: FREAKS LIKE US Ent. ®
Release/catalogue number: FLU003
Release date: May 20, 2009

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